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Ten Low-Cost Ways to Improve Employee Morale - DVD

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Use this power-packed DVD to save money by

* boosting your employee retention rate
* reducing employee absenteeism
* increasing productivity
* bolstering employee wellness
* adding to your organization’s overall success
* creating a better work atmosphere, and
* having more satisfied employees.

When you watch this 30-minute DVD, you’ll get an in-depth discussion of ways to improve employee morale and a series of ten insightful questions for further discussion that can help you apply the material to your particular situation.

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Use this DVD to get employee morale back on track and to make sure that all managers and supervisors have the quick and easy tools they need to address this important bottom line issue. Even if it lowers your employee turnover by just a fraction, you’ll still have important savings.

Who will benefit from this DVD? Executives, managers, supervisors, department heads, human resource departments, training and development specialists, organization development experts and organizational learning specialists.

What do viewers say? “Thank you for good information made accessible and affordable… Would recommend it enthusiastically… [This] was both timely and pertinent to our…concerns… The information validated many initiatives…”

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In this DVD, you'll find actionable ideas on important topics such as
Making Sure Employees Understand the Mission
Providing A Strong Employee Orientation
Hiring the Right People for the Job
Communicating Effectively with Employees
Being Flexible with Work Arrangements
Providing Training
Fine-Tuning Assignments
Eliminating Employee Irritants
Bringing In Pizza and Having Parties (Even in the Downturn)
Providing Recognition and Express Appreciation
PLUS, Bonus Tips and Questions for Further Discussion

Why is this CD so popular? Here’s what people have to say about “Ten Low-Cost Ways to Improve Employee Morale.”

"Thank you for good information made accessible and affordable."

"Would recommend it enthusiastically."

"[This] was both timely and pertinent to our…concerns."

"The information validated many initiatives…."

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